The Summer after school activities booking form is now closed.

We offer a broad range of after-school activities. These are provided free-of-charge, with the goodwill of the school, and are a great way to extend learning opportunities beyond the school day and enrich the opportunities for children to deepen their learning and achievement.

You will receive a letter at the beginning of term to let you know what activities are available for your child and give you a link to a booking form. Your child will be able to give a first and second choice. Once activities for the term have been allocated, the form will be removed.

The activities are available to those who are in the years specified in the details. Children may attend more than one; however, places may be restricted for some of them due to both space and staffing. Priority places will be given to the older children. You will be notified if your child is not able to join a chosen activity for one of these reasons. In some instances, children have not enjoyed an activity and have wished to drop out; if this becomes the case please inform the teachers running it so that the place can be given to someone else. Sometimes, parents have actively encouraged their children to take part in activities which, in fact, the children themselves have not wished to attend and this has made motivating, engaging and involving those children very difficult. Where this is the case, we would really appreciate it if you discussed the situation with the teacher concerned.

In the interests of safety, it is essential that you either call the school or send a letter/email if your child is ever unable to attend an after-school activity. A register will be called at each activity. In wet weather, outdoor activities will not be cancelled but will be relocated indoors, where the children will do something different, such as watch a film. If you wish to collect your child after school in such instances, please do so from the designated club location and inform the teacher running the club. We will also be releasing children to their parents at the end of an activity, as we have had one or two instances where there has been confusion, a child has wandered off and parents have not known where they are.

We hope that your children will enjoy and benefit from these rich extra-curricular activities.