Year 3 and 4 took to the water again this half-term and have really been making waves. They have now been making the weekly trek in all weathers. We have seen them go from strength to strength; gaining in confidence and ability and really pushing themselves to be the best they can be. From the children just dipping their toes in the water to the more experienced swimmers, we have seen the children making some real improvements since September in all areas.

For some of our less confident swimmers gaining the self-belief to take their feet off the bottom of the pool has been a huge milestone. More and more children can now swim 25m using a swimming stroke of their choice. We also have some of the more experienced swimmers developing their strokes to being able to swim 50m using Front Crawl, Breast Stroke and Back Stroke. We even have some children beginning to swim using the Butterfly Stroke with some swimming 25m.

We have finished our swimming sessions for Year 3 and 4 with developing the skills of self-rescue; safe entry and starfish recovery technique. They have thoroughly enjoyed their weekly swims, and we hope they continue to put what they have learnt to good use as well as develop the skills further.