Year 4 had a great adventure stepping back in time at Morwellham Quay, Tavistock. The long trip was worth it, with the children getting the chance to live life as a Victorian. They had the opportunity to visit a Victorian school house and learn what it was like to be a child at school at that time. They learnt all about the three Rs (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) and how they wrote – a far cry from the 21st century education they receive today. We enjoyed being able to play some of the Victorian games, and while some are similar to today's games, we all thought the horse shoe throwing game and the skipping rope game were really great (not an Xbox in sight).

We spent some time in the George and Charlotte Mine, which was mined for copper until its closure. Despite being very dark and wet, the children really enjoyed being underground and seeing what it would have been like to spend up to 12 hours working by hand with only candle light and rats for company. Some of the children were convinced they saw precious jewels although that may have just been a trick of the light.

Dressing up as a Victorian was fun with all the children laughing and trying on different clothes. They got to see how the rich and poor lived and worked and how easy life could be for a few but how hard life was for the many. Overall, an amazing day was had by all. We had a great time and look forward to learning more about how the Victorians lived when we get back to school.