Yeo Valley Primary School hosted the Year 5 Astronomy evening to conclude their space project. As the Autumn term draws to a close, the event provided an opportunity for the children to showcase their work and new found knowledge with their families and friends. The children were able to explore the night's sky through a powerful telescope, however, the weather had other plans! The cloudy skies meant that no stars or planets were visible but the children still enjoyed using the telescope and learning how it works.

There were a number of space themed activities that the children talked their parents through, the children used this opportunity to show off the space facts they have learnt.  Hot-dogs and hot chocolate were an excellent way to finish the evening. A special thanks to all the children and their families for attending and making the event such a success.

YVPS Y5 Stars 01YVPS Y5 Stars 03YVPS Y5 Stars 04