Whilst the harvest season was in full-swing, making fresh apple juice seemed appropriate. The children thoroughly enjoyed making their well-earned fruit juice. Along the way they have been monitoring the school's own orchard and can identify some of the different varieties of apple such as the Cornish Aromatic and Pig's Nose! They also learned about the importance of hygiene and washed the apples carefully as well as ensuring their own hands and equipment were clean and prepared.

They then undertook a masterclass in quartering apples with a knife ensuring that they bridged the knife with their other hand to keep it steady. Some apples were really tough but perseverance and technique saw the job through effectively. Team-work always came into play while operating the machinery including the macerator and apple press. It was a long process but well worth it and there was enough apple juice for everyone. Cheers!

YVPS Apple Juice 01YVPS Apple Juice 02YVPS Apple Juice 03