Last week Year 2 ventured down to the field for Sports day! There were 3 different events that the children have been working on.

The first event was the 40m sprint. Oliver came in first place for the boys running 40m in just 8.1 seconds, Kyle came in second with a time of 8.22 and in third place was Freddie in 8.68 seconds. In first place for the girls was Maizee in 8.63 seconds, second was Teya in 9.15s, and in third Cate with a speed of 9.93 seconds. Well done everyone, you ran with great speed and determination!

The second event was the standing long jump. In first place for the boys was Oli, jumping 1m 67cm. He was followed by Daniel in second place who jumped 1m 46cm. Oscar was close behind Daniel and earnt third place jumping 1m 41cm. For the girls, Teya came in first place with a jump of 1m 62cm. After Teya came Cate in second place with a jump of 1m 55cm. In third place, close behind Cate, was Maizee who jumped 1m 53cm. Those are some very long jumps Year 2, great work!

The final event of the day was the Howler throw. Kyle threw the howler an incredible 9m 12cm earning himself first place for the boys. In second place was Oli with a throw of 1m 67cm. Third place went to Rayyan who threw the howler 6m 52cm. For the girls, first place was awarded to Oliwia who threw the howler 6m 80cm. Maizee came in second with a throw of 6m 57cm. In third place was Teya with a throw of 1m 62cm. Incredible throws Year 2!

Our class trained well for these events and gave it their best shot. They were supportive of their classmates and encouraged each and every child to do their best. Those who did not place celebrated the winners and the winners were gracious with their certificates. Great work Year 2, you did an amazing job at Sports day this year.

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