On a slightly windy and overcast morning, Year 3 made their way down to the school field for this year’s Sports Day. The morning's events began with the boys 400m long distance run. Coming in first with a time of 56.16 was Elliam, second was Leo at 58.59 and Oscar at 1:05. Next up were the girls for their 400m long distance run. In first place was Katie at 58.67, second was Tia with a time of 1.91 and third was Maisie with 1.06. Whilst both groups were running, everyone demonstrated exemplary teamwork as they cheered on one another.

Afterwards, we practised some throwing with foam rockets in preparation for the Howler Throw later on in the week. Then, it was time for a well earned break with a chance for a drink and a sit down.

Next, the boys faced their third event of the day which was the standing long jump. Coming in first was Leo with a distance of 1.5m. Second was Elliam with a distance of 1.4m and third was Connor who jumped a distance of 1.3m. The girls results were as follows: Tia who jumped 1.4m, Katie who jumped a distance of 1.2m and Layla who jumped a distance of 1.1m. 

Our final event of the day was the sprint. There was a definite buzz of excitement in the air when the groups of six boys or girls approached the start line. The boys began their sprint first and the results are as follows: Elliam who ran it in 14.02, Leo in 14.2 and Emmanuel in 15.14. The girls sprint was very exciting to watch as it was neck and neck with Tia and Katie at the end. However, Tia just about crossed the finish line first with a time of 14.24 with Katie extremely close with 14.80 and Maisie with 15.14.

We are extremely proud of everyone in Year 3 for all the hard work, determination and 100% effort everyone put into the activities. In particular, the way all the children supported everyone was fantastic, well done Year 3, you should feel very proud of yourselves.

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