Last Friday Yeo Valley’s Year 2 class went on a school trip to Exmoor Zoo! This term we have learnt all about animals, beginning with a zoo debate and covering many areas including nocturnal animals, adaptations, animal groups and habitats. At the zoo, we had the opportunity to look into a number of different habitats and discover many new animals!

First, we learnt about the agile Lemurs. We watched them playing and having a snack. We found out that female Lemurs are the most important in their groups! The children all had a chance to put on their own lemur tails.

After that we made our way over to the wolves where we had the opportunity to watch a feeding and learnt about how they can keep running all day!

In the afternoon we saw the Capybaras which are the biggest rodents! They have their eyes, ears and nose at the top of their heads so they can hide from predators and breathe while hiding in water.

The Tapirs were very interesting. They have a proboscis which they use to grab branches and other foliage. Through consuming and passing seeds, they disperse different plants through their environment.

The children enjoyed learning about all of these animals and seeing even more including the Exmoor beast and a sweet family of gibbons. Thank you, Exmoor Zoo, for a fun and educational school trip!

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