During the first half of the Autumn Term, Year 5 got the opportunity to visit Nethercott Farm (Farms for City Children) for 5 consecutive weeks.

Upon arrival each week they started on the green side (clean area) of the changing room. They put on their wellingtons and waterproofs on the red side, which meant that they were ready to complete jobs on the farm. Each week they completed a variety of jobs, sometimes in the pouring rain!

Each week the children mucked out the poultry and stables and then made sure that the animals would be comfortable for the next week. They tasted produce from the walled garden such as cucamelons and edible flowers. They also weeded the garden and made sure that the summer flowers had been pulled up ready for Autumn. The Year 5 children learnt about the different animals on the farm including life cycles and why animals are reared on farms. They also learnt about the different foods that the animals are fed, they harvested mangolds which are fed to pigs. Every group also visited the forest school area where they made charcoal, weaved reeds and explore their surroundings

On the second visit, the children got to visit a country estate called Ash House. Whilst there they helped to harvest apples and collect any windfalls. During the following weeks they washed, crushed and pressed the apples. The juice was then pasteurised and then children were all given a bottle to take home and enjoy with their families.

The final visit to the farm was extra special as whilst Year 5 were there a film crew were also filming a programme with Joanna Lumley and Michael Morpugo. Year 5 enjoyed talking about their visits with Joanna and taking part in the activities whilst demonstrating the knowledge that they had gained on the previous visits. The children all enjoyed listening to a story read by Michael around the campfire on the last afternoon and were keen to share their favourite memories from their trips to the farm.

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