Our Year 6 pupils will be taking it in turns to review and recommend different authors.

Rosie is recommending the Knitbone Pepper series that is written by Claire Barker. 

My favourite author is Claire Barker because I really like the Knitbone Pepper books. All of her books are really intriguing because of the descriptive language and interesting words she uses.

My favourite books from the Knitbone Pepper series is 'Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog: A Horse Called Moon'. I really love the storyline and how it makes you want to read on. I’ve never read a better book ever! I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to read it.

'Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog: A Horse Called Moon' is about a heartbroken ghost horse who askes Knitbone Pepper, a ghost dog at Starcross Hall, to help her find her owner. Her owner is a world famous astronomer so Knitbone looks to the skies for the a dazzling answer.