At Yeo Valley were lucky enough to have the Space Dome for a day! Simon from Space Odyssey brought his biggest dome, the Pioneer Dome, to Yeo Valley so that the children could get a 3D experience of space, and what an experience it was!

First to go in to the dome was Year 3:

Venturing into the unknown, Year 3 were sent on a virtual tour of outer-space! Images were projected on the inside walls of a large dome and the children learned fascinating facts about the history of space travel and the different planets of our solar system. 

Did you know that Mercury has no atmosphere so its temperatures can plummet to below minus 200 degrees?

All the Year 3 children came out fascinated by the facts they had learnt and the close up images of planets that they saw.

Next up was Year 1:

As Year 1 excitedly stepped into the Space Dome, we were suddenly surrounded by planets and stars! We sat down to watch the planets move around us and we learnt a song to help us remember the names of each planet and some facts about them. Then we went on a virtual adventure to each planet, to find out if we would be able to live on any! We found out that the other planets cannot provide us with the things we need to survive so we decided to stay on Earth. We then lay down to look at the stars above us and learnt about some of the patterns and pictures that the stars make. We were especially excited to see a dragon in the stars as we have been learning all about dragons!

And our final classes to visit were Year 5 and Year 6:

During the Autumn term, Year 5 learnt about the different planets in our solar system, creating poetry and artwork based on the planets. This term they were lucky enough to further develop their learning through experiencing the Space Dome. They learnt about which astronauts have landed on the moon and the more recent experiences of Tim Peake and his journey to the International Space Station. We learnt that so far no female astronaut has walked on the moon, perhaps one of our Year 5s can be the first! Through the hyper-realistic projections on the walls of the Space Dome the children were able to learn about the planets and stars within our solar system. It was particularly interesting to see the size and ratio of each planet in comparison to Earth.

To end a super space day, we invited any parents and children who wanted to experience the Space Dome first hand to come in for a session after school. This was very popular and parents and children were fascinated to see the planets, the moon, stars and comets up close. 

Space 04

Space 03

Space 02