Every Monday afternoon Year 6 have enrichment sessions where the children split into groups to critically study a quality text; Romeo and Juliet, Warhorse or the BFG. We then follow up these texts with writing tasks that relate to the section of text we have been focussing on, for example suspense writing, showing not telling emotion or setting a scene.

More recently, the Warhorse group have been focusing on drama activities to stimulate more expressive vocabulary. One child was asked to select an emotion that was written down and act out the emotion, the rest of the group had to guess which emotion was written down based on the original child’s actions. This has been particularly useful for our recent suspense writing, to enable the children to show not tell that the child in their story was scared. The children thoroughly enjoyed acting out the different emotions and trying to guess the emotions their peers were demonstrating.

In the afterschool sessions, the children usually read a text in Spanish with Mr Hall and decode the language, thinking carefully about the vocabulary choices and practicing pronunciation. They enjoy experiencing the language and making links with how the words compare with the English version. Recently the children have been reading ‘Pedro di Candia’ a story that taught the children to ‘not go for riches and stick with your friends’ according to Mair.

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