In maths, the year 2 children have been exploring money. The children have shown that they have a good understanding of money and most already know all their coins. We started by talking about what we use money for and why we need it. James said ‘’We need money to buy things with’’.

And Karla said ‘’When we buy things from the shop, we sometimes get change’’.  

The children were split into different groups and had their own money investigations. The first group of children were working out how much they would spend if they bought two or more things from a shopping list. Oscar said ‘’Instead of writing 130p we can write £1.30’’. The second group of children were using the coins to make 50p in as many ways as they could. Chloe found that she could add five 10ps to make 50p, but she could also add two 20ps and one 10p to make 50p. The final group were exploring money on Discovery Espresso and using the coins to answer questions.  

The children have shown that they have a great understanding of money and are keen to use their knowledge of money when they are shopping with their parents outside of school. It will be great to see if the children can use real money to buy real everyday items and if they can predict how much change they might receive before they pay.