• Fortune Favours the Brave

    Supporting children to feel confident to try new things, take risks, and reach their full potential
  • Freedom

    Encouraging individuality, responsibility and community.
  • Forward Thinking

    Embracing technology, trying new things, preparing for the future.
  • Feeling Valued

    Promoting self-esteem, friendship, respect, listening, kindness, safety and accepting differences.

Our school motto is "Fortune Favours the Brave" and our values include individual liberty and respect for other religions and cultures. These are discussed explicitly with the children during assemblies, and they are reinforced during class time.

Mission Statement

Yeo Valley Primary School (YVPS) seeks to create and promote a challenging learning environment that inspires children to achieve high standards and become life-long independent learners. It sets consistently high expectations, builds children's confidence and ensures engagement for all. The school endeavours to develop creative thinkers, inquisitive questioners and avid problem solvers, with flexible skills, who are successful communicators. Children learn to collaborate effectively at all levels, including working with our international partners, and adapting to the needs of a diverse and ever-changing society. By embracing technology as part of everyday teaching, YVPS takes a new approach to digital tools, embedding their use within a broad and balanced curriculum. The school creates and promotes a challenging computational learning environment. The children are taught from an early age to program, to develop good logical thinking skills, to solve problems and to collaborate effectively with their peers.